"Advanced Computing / Advanced Science, the advent of augmented reality, computing in the cloud and Surface Computers" (Surface Computing )

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As technology advances, the “gap” between the “real world” and “virtual world” is shortened considerably. More than 30 years ago military technology such as radars, sonars and electronic warfare were able to superimposed synthetic and video digital information received from distant objects sensed or detected, on raw video or raw data.

As technology advances, we see a process of deepening immersion of the end user in the environment of virtual and augmented reality. Thus the emergence of Surface Computers (or Surface Computing), which almost dilutes the “gap” between the real and virtual world is about to take technology to an important breakthrough. Surface Computing will evolve using spatial augmented reality, with the interaction of a Multi touch, Multi User, 3D (3D Mesh) environment and capable of recognizing objects (object recognition). Note that in the advanced field of Neural Networks in Artificial Intelligence, recognition and classification of objects is achieved in hardware and software technology when the systems evolve to become neuromimetic.(Neuromimetic System).

The Universal Language of the XXI century is the Computational Science, in which virtually, all human activity is being fueled by the rapid growth of computing. Given the exponential growth in the volume and complexity of information, advanced computing is the universal language we are dealing as human beings to continue our evolution. We are talking about a new scenario of information management which is hyper-dimensional structured and with structure of data, conceptualized in the pepta scale level and that as we move forward as a civilization, we might be talking about structures whose scale are measured with prefixes such as kilo, mega, giga, tera, peta, Exa, Zetta, Yotta, Xona, weka, Vundo, uda, Tred, sorta, rinta, Quex, pepta, ocha, minga, etc ….

The Internet will become a Zettabyte information system, where a Zettabyte is equivalent to 1 trillion terabytes. This scenario will need, increasingly complex information management and will be characterized by N dimensional structures (1000, 2000, 3000 … 10,000 dimensional chemical, genetic, biological, astrobiological objects , etc), which requires the handling of increasingly complex and larger vector spaces. Cyberspace is characterized by the emergence of Intelligence and Machine Learning and Immersion in Virtual Reality, 3D Data Fusion, Data Mining, Complexity, encoding information on 3D objects, etc … The ultimate goal of all this evolution will be the structuring of knowledge from the Data (Knowledge Management).

• A exaflop: 1,000,000 teraflops
• A teraflop: 1,000 gigaflops
• A gigaflop: 1,000,000,000 mathematical operations per second.

This development will be characterized by scaling of information and computing to the Cloud. We will witness the emergence of private information clouds which will be part of a vast savanna of information (Information Galaxy Zoo) and we will need more capacity for data analysis in such a complex environment. As we climbed to higher processing speeds, many processes that were invisible to the human eye will be visible such as chromosomal decoding or the synthesis of proteins, which are in the order of Terabytes per second. All this progress in computer processing is being used for genetic analysis with the hope of finding a way to handle the HIV virus. With the growth of the Super Research Networks, the human being will manage the timeline of information, from the infinitesimal to the Galactic scale.

In the XXI century, science is the engine or “driver” of our civilizations. The scaling of Science to the cloud based on innovation is laying the foundations and building blocks of Science and engineering of the next century.

Our technology is also being merged with biology and We are seing the emergence of SENSOR NETWORKS / FOREST GEO SENSOR NETWORKS placed on forests like the Amazon. With the emergence of e – Science (science scaling to the cloud), chemistry, physics, biology, electronics, etc begin its merge into the cloud. The fusion of biology and genetic engineering through the cloud involve processing of large volumes of information such as those coming from our rainforests (Rain Forest Geo Sensor Networks, Sensor Data Bases, Data Sensor Networks). Sensor networks are already being distributed on the Amazon for the analysis of its development and preservation. We are speaking of a distributed Bioweb in order to examine the mega climate processes (ex. losses as the ocean kidnaps 92 gigatons of carbon in the process of Global Warming) or the effects of how human beings are disrupting the global ecosystem with technological developments.

Recent developments in technological innovation such as the “World Wide Telescope” , implies the tracking of thousands of clusters of objects, the scaling of satellite information to the cloud and the tendency to Exaflops Computers.

We are in living in times of extreme complexity and that requires Scientists and Engineers able to master the macro, micro and nano scale with holistic vision. With the emergence of self organizing neural systems all the satellite infraestructure deployed will become a self organized engineering structure. How would You control billions of objets distributed all over the planet ? Self organization is the road technology will follow to advance toward the year 2050. Envision a world full of intelligent machines and computers, what would You do to advance your own intelligence to be able to handle and interact with that intelligent world ?

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