USIL Center for Global Education holds presentation at Markham College on attending foreign universities in Peru

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“The Center for Global Education program (CGE-USIL) is a wonderful opportunity for those wishing to study abroad, but who aren’t yet ready to leave their families. Now I know I can go to an American or British university in Peru and be a citizen of the world,” commented Talisha Panduro, a student at Colegio San Agustín, following the informative talk on attending foreign universities in Peru, held by the USIL CGE at Markham College in Miraflores on September 7.

The talk was given by CGE director Jorge Bentin, who explained the details of the program to a group of parents and students from different Lima schools. At the CGE in Lima, Peru, students can attend prestigious universities based in the United States and England: the University of South Florida (USA), the University of Central Florida (USA), the University of Houston (USA), and the University of London International Programmes (England).

What the parents and students in attendance found most interesting about the program was the possibility of completing the first two years of one’s studies at Broward College (USA) in Lima, and then continuing on to CGE partner universities or applying to another university in the United States.


Giancarlo Barrantes
Father of Lord Byron School student
“The CGE program seems to be very complete. The idea that my son could complete the first two years of college here in Peru, and then—with a good GPA— apply to any university in the United States or study engineering here in Lima with a foreign diploma sounds excellent to me.”

Luis Gutiérrez Moore
Father of Markham College student
“I found the CGE talk very informative, and our expectations as to how the program works were met. Hearing the testimonial of CGE faculty and students was also useful.”

Nelly Mera Delgado
Mother of San Ignacio de Recalde School student
“The CGE program looks very interesting to me, since we could have our daughter here with us longer while she takes general education courses before going to a university abroad to finish her degree.”

Guillermo Huapaya
St. George’s College student
“I was surprised that the CGE program is so innovative. I had a different concept of education in the United States, but now I think I could adapt easily. I’m particularly interested in going to the University of Central Florida.”


USIL Center for Global Education holds presentation at Markham College on attending foreign universities in Peru


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