USIL CGE Graduate Chosen as Natura “Manager for a Week”

17 December, 2016 CGE USIL Uncategorized, no comments

The USIL Center for Global Education (CGE) proudly congratulates Brunella Gutiérrez Solis, a CGE graduate of the University of South Florida Business program, on being selected as one of 11 university students to participate in Natura’s “Manager for a Week” program held from September 26-30 this year.     

Brunella, who is currently majoring in International Business at USIL, worked in Natura’s Human Resources department, where she was able to learn firsthand about the organization and the work of this important area.

“During the week, the Human Resources manager at Natura invited me to participate in the annual strategic planning meeting. I took a related course in the USF program that helped me to understand what it was about and make a contribution,” explained Brunella. At the end of the week, she says the interns were given a case to solve, in order to understand the work of the Marketing, Finance and Administration areas.

It should be noted that studying at the CGE develops certain skills, such as capacity for team work in order to do a good job, a skill which Brunella used as a member of the team of 11 students participating in the Natura program.

“The most important thing I got out of the CGE program is the global perspective it gives you. Over the four years of the program, taking classes from North American teachers, your whole outlook changes. The process of adapting to a different type of education is difficult, but it has its rewards. Also, when you graduate, you have more opportunities, since your profile stands out among others. You improve your English, grow in a different way and obtain a global perspective,” she says in summary.

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