CGE Students Leaving for the USA to Attend University of South Florida

13 July, 2017 CGE USIL Uncategorized, no comments

As is common knowledge, at the Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola CGE, students can earn associate and/or bachelor’s degrees from prestigious universities located in the USA and England, while taking classes on the USIL campus in Lima.

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“I have high expectations. From what I’ve heard, studying in the United States is a totally different experience. What I’ve liked most about the CGE is the close interaction I’ve had with my teachers. I’d like to work for a while, and then get a master’s degree.” 


buy viagra cheap uk María Gabriela Casado

“I’m very excited about going to Tampa, getting to know my way around the university, meeting people and experiencing college life, which doesn’t exist here in Peru. I love my major, and I think I’d like to get a master’s degree in Human Resources.” 

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