USIL Graduate Serves as Consultant to UNICEF

28 August, 2017 CGE USIL Uncategorized, no comments

USIL is proud to congratulate Francisco Manuel Biber Velarde, a graduate of the USIL International Relations program and recipient of a Bachelor in Business Administration degree from the University of South Florida through the Center for Global Education (CGE), on his achievement.
Francisco Manuel is currently serving as an international consultant to the Regional Office of UNICEF in Latin America and the Caribbean. He is in charge of providing technical support to 24 country offices in the region and managing regional projects focusing on the rights of children.
Among the honors he has received is the Award for Academic Excellence 2016-II and 2017-0 for being the graduate with the highest grade point average in any USIL program. In addition, he has been a consultant to UNICEF Perú since 2015, as well as the head trainer and director of the Model United Nations Peruvian Universities debate team from 2015 to 2017, the longest established team in the country.
At age 25, he has a Bachelor in Business Administration degree awarded him in 2014 and is the co-founder of Club Consilium, which was created to foster discussion about international relations in the university community.
“Thanks to USIL, I was able to earn two bachelor’s degrees simultaneously and become a professional with the skills sought in my areas of interest: international development and international relations,” Biber remarked.
Congratulations, Francisco Biber Velarde, on your achievement!

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