True to its vision of educating and training professionals at the highest standards, Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (USIL) is proud to present the Center for Global Education: the first and only center of its kind in Peru.

CGE offers you the possibility to choose from several paths to achieve your global education goals.

Path #1: earning an Associate in Arts degree (AA) from Broward College (2 years in Peru) and then transferring to a U.S. University (2 years in the U.S.)

Path #2: earning a complete Bachelor’s of Science degree with one of our U.S. partner universities (total of 4 years in Peru).

Path #3: earning a complete Bachelor’s of Science degree from our U.K. partner university (total of 4 years in Peru).

  • We follow the same curriculum as our foreign partners
  • All our instructors are accredited by foreign partners
  • We teach our partners’ courses exclusively in English, with the same books they use
  • Students have access to our partner universities’ online library resources and databases

Be part of the world