Associate in Arts Degree

About Broward College

Broward College is a public institution located in Fort Lauderdale in Southern Florida. BC has a long history of international engagement, working with local partners to establish international programs all over the world. It has 13 international centers where students can earn a two-year associate’s degree from an American college without leaving their home countries. In Latin America, BC currently has international centers and affiliates in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Colombia.

USIL’s Center for Global Education has partnered with Broward College (BC), to offer students an American two-year associate’s degree studying in Peru.

You can earn your Associate in Arts (AA) degree and transfer directly to one of our American partner universities to complete the last two years of your bachelor’s degree: University of Houston (Hospitality and Restaurant Management), University of South Florida (Business Administration), University of Central Florida (Industrial Engineering) and University of London International Programmes (Economics).

You can also elect to transfer to a variety of public and private institutions across the country. We can help you find one of the thousands of US bachelor’s degree programs that is the right fit for you.

What is an associate’s degree?

In the simplest terms, an AA degree is the first two years of your bachelor’s degree. The courses you take for the AA degree are the same courses you would take during the first two years at a U.S. university. You will take general education classes, which include subjects such as mathematics, English, natural sciences, humanities, health, and social sciences. You will also take electives that build the foundation for your chosen major.

What does it mean to transfer?

You will start your American education through the Broward College Program at USIL and then finish your bachelor’s degree at a university in the United States. A “2+2” system means that students who earn credits at a community college can take their credits with them when they transfer to a four-year university. Broward College has agreements with universities in the state of Florida that ensure that BC credits will count towards your four-year degree program.

Why study in the Broward College Program at CGE?

The BC Program at CGE offers an American college experience in Peru. All classes are taught in English by faculty who are American or who have been trained in the United States and who are approved by Broward College. All faculty are committed to teaching and are highly involved in our student activities. You will study a full-time program in English on a real university campus in the heart of Lima.


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