Faculty Members:

Jorge Antonio Bentin Meseth

Jorge is a graduate of Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (Lima) where he studied Biology and Ecology. He is a specialist in Quality Management and Environmental Auditing and has a master’s degree in Industrial Ecology from the Yale University School of Forestry & Environmental Studies (USA).
Jorge is also the Director of the Center for Global Education, where he continues to teach Environmental Science part-time in addition to his duties as the CGE Director.

Justin Horton

Justin Horton earned his bachelor’s degree in international politics and business at the University of Puget Sound (U.S.). After completing his undergraduate degree, he went to work for the finance and accounting team at a local hospital. While working in the hospital’s finance department, he began his master’s degree in business administration with a focus in finance at Seattle University.
Upon completion of his MBA, he spent the next 5 years working as a portfolio analyst for US Trust, an investment company that is an affiliate of Bank of America. He left this position to pursue a career in education and has since become a professor of Accounting and Finance at the Center for Global Education on behalf of Broward College and University of South Florida. 

Carlos Ossio

Carlos holds an MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and a Masters degree from ESAN, in Lima, Peru.  He also earned a Bachelor degree in psychology from the Catholic University in Lima, Peru.
Carlos is a seasoned entrepreneur and general manager, having started a manufacturing plant serving the electrical and telecommunications industries and having successfully turned around a tire importing, wholesaling and retailing business. Carlos also has extensive experience in food service, both in corporate catering and in the quick casual segment, having owned a food service operation in Southern California. He is currently teaching for Broward College, the University of South Florida and the University of Houston programs. His main area of interest is in the management of innovation.

Paul Stuart

Paul is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University, where he received a Masters degree in Economics, and Miami University, where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Marketing. He has held several part-time teaching positions, including Penn State, La Roche College, and DeVry University (all in the U.S.).
The majority of his 25 year career has been spent in the banking sector, working with small to medium-sized banks in the United States as a technology and bank operations consultant. He is a former board member of the Midwest Conference of Community Bankers, and has published two papers for the ICTTE (International Conference on Technology and Technology Exchange) on the economics of innovation.  As part of CGE, Paul teaches Economics for Broward College, the University of South Florida and the University of London (Int’l Programmes).

Alexander Nickolaychuk

Alex holds a Masters degree in Mathematics from UCLA (Southern California), where he also did research in Topology.  He later taught Mathematics at both the West Coast University and Woodbury University (both in the U.S.).
Alex has also taught online courses for the University of Phoenix and for the US military at Chaminade University.  He also worked with TAFE Australia on the US and Australian educational systems collaboration. He has also participated in the Carnegie Foundation research project on Developmental Mathematics for the Pacific Islands, where he lived for many years prior to joining CGE.

Francis Van Oordt La Hoz

Francis has a Masters in Biology with a focus in Ecology and Evolution from the California State University (Northridge), and a Bachelors in Science-Biology with a concentration in Ecology from the Universidad Nacional Agraria (La Molina, Peru).
He worked for several years as a field assistant and later as full time staff in the Peruvian Marine Research Institute, as part of the Top Predator Unit. There he worked with dolphins, whales, sea turtles, and guano seabirds along the whole Peruvian coast, and even Antarctica.  His main research focus was seabirds in the Pacific Ocean.  He has broad experience in avian ecology and current environmental issues.

Jared Gadsby

Jared holds a Master of Arts degree in English from the State University of New York at Oswego (U.S.) where he also earned a B.A. in Creative Writing.
While Jared’s personal and literary interests vary greatly, his teaching remains focused on freshman composition, 20th and 21st century American and global literature, poetry, Shakespeare, creative writing, and college studies.  Prior to joining CGE, he taught for various universities and colleges in the New York area.

Jillian Canode

Jillian received her B.A. in Philosophy from Grand Valley State University, her M.A. in Philosophy from Northern Illinois University, and her Ph.D. in Philosophy and Literature from Purdue University. She is the founder and director of the CGE Writing Center, the Lima coordinator for Broward College’s Robert “Bob” Elmore Honors Institute, and the academic chair of the Center.
Jillian’s current research and publications focus on popular culture, feminism, Marxism, speculative young adult literature, and philosophy for children. She has published essays about TV’s Supernatural and Sherlock and Veronica Roth’s popular Divergent book trilogy, and within the next couple of years, she hopes to publish a book that focuses on young adult literature as a site of social and political critique.

Juan Benavides

Juan has a Masters in Science from the Arizona State University (U.S.) where he was a Fulbright Scholar, and received his Bachelor´s Degree in Civil Engineering from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.
Even though his academic background is in Civil Engineering, he has been teaching in the area of Mathematics and Physics for 42 years.  He has taught for several universities in both Perú and in the U.S., including Arizona State University (where he worked as a teaching assistant for Dr. Avinash Singhal), Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC) and Pontifica Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP).  He currently teaches Math and Statics for Broward College at the CGE.

Darby Mcdonald

Darby completed his Masters degree in Development Economics at the Institute for Social Studies in The Hague (Netherlands) with a focus on sustainable energy issues.  This interest led him to move to Lima for further research opportunities in the way of society, economy, and environmentalism interaction in a development context.
He has worked in a variety of positions, including as an intelligence analyst for the US Army.  He has also been a business owner, the executive director of an international non-profit, and a consultant for startups in places like Hungary and France. Darby teaches Economics for the University of London International Programmes as part of the CGE.

Charlotte West

Charlotte has a Masters of Science degree in politics from Stockholm University (Sweden), and a Bachelors in History degree from Seattle University in Washington State (U.S.).
In addition to teaching in the social sciences, she works as an academic advisor for students who want to study in United States. She is also a published writer and former Fulbright fellow.  She teaches a variety of courses for CGE, including American Government and U.S. History.

Fernando Rodríguez

Fernando graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Trujillo with a bachelor´s in Mathematics and a major in Statistics. He holds a MA in Literature from the University of Houston and a MA in Religious Studies from Nations University (both in the U.S.). He has also done post-graduate studies in Statistics in Japan (TIC) and Brazil (EBTU- TECNOSAN), as well as studies in Planning Techniques (ISS) in The Netherlands.
He is a consultant in Statistics applied to transportation and has been a pioneer in the application of statistical methods for transportation projects. He has worked under the World Bank and the Peruvian government in the implementation of social projects at the local and national level.

Maria Luisa Medina

Maria Luisa is a graduate of Universidad Nacional Agraria, where she studied Food Engineering. She holds a Master of Science from the University of Massachusetts (U.S.).
Maria Luisa is a specialist in food science with extensive teaching experience at various institutions and a former Fulbright fellow. She is also a seasoned food safety trainer and consultant. Her interests include nutrition, food toxicology, food microbiology, Good Manufacturing Practices and HACCP.

Fernando Daneri

Fernando holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from Florida International University and a Master’s Degree in Information Technology from Capella University in Minnesota (U.S).
Fernando worked in the U.S. and England as a mathematics professor as well as a digital security consultant for the Peruvian government. He has also taught at the mechanical engineering department of the German Armed Forces University in Hamburg.  Fernando teaches a variety of Computer Science classes for CGE.

Saki Saito

Saki received her B.A. and Licentiate’s degree in Hospitality Management from San Ignacio de Loyola University, and her Masters from National Chiayi University (Taiwan).   She is also a current PhD student in the field of Tourism.
Saki’s teaching interests include cultural tourism, Introduction to tourism and Food and Beverage Management. In 2015, she won the Taiwan Scholarship and the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Award while studying in Taiwan.  Her primary research interests are in the hospitality industry. Specifically, she is interested in gastronomy tourism and tourist behavior.

Sixto Ramos

Sixto holds a degree in Philosophy from Normal Superior Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo (Peru). He is a former social studies teacher at Colegio F. D. Roosevelt (Lima) and has worked and taught in the field of debate since 1992, teaching debate techniques and rules for Broward College as part of the CGE.

Monica Risi

Monica is a bilingual actor with more than 11 years of experience working in New York City, where she received training under the Stanislavsky method and methods developed from the Group theater, as well as in the Michael Chejov and Jerzy Grotowsky techniques. In 2006, she completed her Master in Fine Arts in Acting at the Actors Studio Drama School at The New School in New York to then go into collaborating as an actor in physical and experimental work throughout the city.  She also has a Bachelor´s Degree from the Universidad del Pacífico (Peru).

Before moving overseas, Monica landed the role of general manager for Compagnia de´ Colombari, an international theater company created by Artistic Director Karin Coonrod alongside many artists from the New York stage. She then went on to be a Development Associate for White Wave Young Soon Kim Dance Company and oversaw the overall strategy for sustainable growth of the company.

Riad Zeggari

Riad earned his Master’s Degree in English Linguistics, Literature and Civilization at the University of Toulon (France).
He was born and raised in France, and has worked at several five-star hotel chains in both the U.S. and Peru, most recently as the General Manager for the Costa del Sol Wyndham Lima Airport.  Peviously, he held a variety of positions for the French hotel chain Accor and also for Marriott International.  He is our newest professor at the Center for Global Education and teaches as part of our University of Houston program.

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