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5 reasons why CGE is your best option

To study in the United States and obtain an international degree is a long thought choice that should be made carefully, especially when there are so many programs in Peru. However, the Center for Global Education at USIL gives you one of a kind benefits that will make it easier for you to translate to another program in the US.

Northamerican education is not only of higher quality and have great prestige around the world but it’s also a lot more flexible. It allows  you to explore your abilities until you find your true calling to pick a major.

If you live in Peru and want to board on this adventure but don't have a clear idea how, our program will ease most of the process through mentorships and multiple alternatives according to your needs. Let's see why you should opt for CGE!

1. You're not forced to study your whole career in the US

One of the particularities of our program is that we don't force you to move to the US to obtain your international degree. You'll be able to take all your courses in Peru with high quality professors under the same Northamerican educational standard so you can develop all the abilities needed to become an outstanding professional.

And if you're on the search for an international adventure you can also make that choice! We offer you an option where you'll study the first 2 years in Peru to help you adapt a lot easier to a college routine and then you'll move to the United States to complete your career and specialization for the last 2 years. This is a great opportunity to experience first hand what it’s like to live within a whole different culture!

5-reasons-why-cge-is-your-best-option-1No matter the option you choose, all your classes will be in English and under the same american curricula. This helps CGE form professionals that are capable of adapting to every single situation.  

2. You'll receive prestigious education

Education at CGE is one of the best you can find in the country thanks to our alliances with prestigious universities in the US, which always rank best in the world. Even when you choose to study your whole career in Peru, you'll be evaluated and formed under the same rules of excellency.

Due to its unique system based on practice, you'll develop abilities such as leadership, team works, oral and soft skills, critical thought, etc; opening many doors for you in the international job market. And if you're thinking about creating your own company and becoming an entrepreneur, the United States is the perfect country. CGE will also give you all the tools you need to launch a project in the international market.

3. Program made thinking about return of investment

Living in the US can be expensive. You don't only have to pay for college and the expenses but also think about all the money you need to find where to live, pay rent, transport and food. The costs may not be that high in some cases but if you still can't afford moving abroad and still want a higher education, CGE might give a more affordable option. You won't have to leave Peru nor abandon your commodities while you opt for a high quality education that will make a difference between you and the people surrounding you in a work environment. At the end, whether you choose to stay in Peru or study two years abroad, you’ll study every subject of your career in English and get an international degree when you graduate.

5-reasons-why-cge-is-your-best-option-24. You'll have mentorship throughout the entire process 

In our Center for Global Education we're committed to help all our students achieve success and enjoy the ride; that's why since the first day we'll listen carefully to understand your goals, aspirations, fears and needs.

We take our time to get to know you because that's the only way we can offer the best alternative according to your needs while being present throughout the entire path. We'll give you advice before taking your PERT exam, help you adapt to the American methodology and always be there to answer all your questions before, during and after your international experience in CGE.

5. Improve your work opportunities

Once you've completed our programs and obtain an international degree, inserting in the working market will be so much easier for you, with bigger probabilities to find the job of your dreams whether it's in Peru or abroad. You'll feel proud of yourself and your accomplishments, besides being prepared to face any challenge you find along the way.

And that's not all, it's more likely you'll have access to a higher salary thanks to your academic formation and receive opportunities from anywhere around the world until you can start your own business eventually.

5-reasons-why-cge-is-your-best-option-3The Center for Global Education of the San Ignacio de Loyola University is thought especially for your so you can achieve your dreams and become the person you've always wanted to be. You have the talent and we give you the tools to exploit it!

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