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Admission test at CGE: Important things to know

The best way to deal with important admission test is to be prepared for them

Exam preparation often causes stress and anxiety when students are worried about performing to a certain academic level. Especially when they’re going to take an important step, like taking an admission test to get into the university they have chosen. In this way, the same happens with the admission test at CGE.

Many students want to do their best work so they don’t let the family down. Don’t worry, only focus on it and with practice you will succeed.

But as you can imagine, the best way to cope with exam stress is to be prepared. We know is not a simple task because your international career depends on passing those admission test. This can take you to work in the U.S or different countries worldwide since it is an international program.

Let’s explore all the alternatives you can find in our CGE.  You can check out this link.

More about the PERT

The CGE admission test is the PERT (Postsecondary Education Readiness Test), a test of knowledge in mathematics, writing, verbal reasoning and written comprehension that has no cost and  the maximum time allowed to finished it is 4 hours.

This test is totally in English because the CGE program has classes 100% in English taught by local and international teachers. If you successfully fulfilled the requirements you are ready to join the Center for Global Education (CGE).

admission-exam-cge-alt-2If I fail the PERT?

However, if you don’t pass the exam don’t worry about it. You can take the PERT preparation course and try again.

For most students, an important exam can be a stressful time. Defining strategies to study will help you conquer the test and continue with your professional future. Finally, you have to pass an interview with the Director of the CGE, who will let you know whether you have been accepted or not.

Remember that preparation is very important when presenting an admission exam.admission-exam-cge-alt

Now that you know more details about admission test at CGE, you can take the next step and schedule an interview with a counsellor. We are waiting for you!


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