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Center for Global Education

What can you study at CGE? Our academic degrees

By choosing a major at CGE you can earn your undergraduate degree at prestigious universities in the USA

Choosing a university is the most important decision a high school student has to make. This academic institution has to fulfil all expectations your family and you have on your professional future.

¿What are the steps you need to take to choose the right school for you? First, you may consider a prestigious university in Peru. But what if you’ve always dreamed of living and working abroad? An international degree should be on your radar if  you’re determined to have a global education.

CGE is one of your best options. It gives you the chance to study with the US educational system without the need to leave Peru, your home and your family. It’s american program and international stuff let you experience a different kind of education in Peru, one that will let you compete with people from all around the world.

What can you study at CGE? Are you more interested in arts or maybe more science oriented? CGE offers different program that will let you earn an international degree of the career you’ve always dreamed of.

Studies at CGE

Two degrees in 4 years. At CGE you will get a diploma from USIL and another one from the college or university you choose.

Many young students write to us asking about the courses and majors they can study at The Center for Global Education of USIL. CGE gives you the opportunity to get degrees in this fields: arts, science and global administration by Broward College or the University of South Florida.

But your options are not limited. You will be also able to transfer to a great variety of universities in the U.S, once you’ve finished at least 60 credits.


If I’m not interested in any studies of CGE?

Remember that if the major of your preference does not appear among the options we offer in Peru, you can choose to study your first two years in the Broward College Lima Campus and then transfer to the US, or any other partner university from the world, where you can start the studies that suits you.

There you can complete 2 more years and earn your Bachelor at the University of your choice. Are you ready for a global career?

Click here to learn everything you need to know about admission test at CGE


¿Which degrees are available at CGE?

  1. Associate in Arts by Broward College (60  ECTS)
  2. Associate in Science by Broward College (60 ECTS)
  3. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration by University of South Florida (120 ECTS)


Now that you know what can you major at USIL CGE program, you can take the next step and schedule an interview with a counsellor. We are waiting for you! If you want more information we can schedule an appointment together and start your global career.

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