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The US Education System: Everything You Need to Know

US Education System ranks among top 15 systems in the world and offers students many advantages

If you have already finished high school and are determined to find the best option for earning your undergraduate degree from a prestigious university, this article is for you.

According to the world university rankings compiled by Times Higher Education magazine, more than half of the world’s top 200 universities are in the US.

Is it possible to study in the American university system without leaving Peru?

The possibility of earning degrees from American universities without leaving the country is now within your grasp. The American system has numerous advantages that foster effective and innovative education.

There are also many recognitions that come with an American degree, which might encourage you to enroll in this program.

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  1. Improve your English skills: Since the classes are conducted in English, your English language skills will improve until you’re fluent, and your advanced multilingual skills will strengthen your CV. English is perhaps the world’s main business language; mastering it can really make the difference when employers are shortlisting job candidates.


    2. Improve your time management with the US Education System: The American education system offers a bachelor's degree in 4 years. This would allow you to skip one full academic year in comparison with the 5-year program under the national education system.

    In addition, many students are able to obtain credit for courses taken at IB schools, further reducing the time required to earn a degree.

    If you decide to continue your higher education and pursue a master's degree, this will take you up to 3 years. The length of a doctoral program depends on the discipline.

    Participating in an international program in the American education system will enable you to transfer to a wide variety of universities in the US.

US-Education-system-alt-43. Travel to the United States and other parts of the world: Are you interested in getting an international job in the future? Most students are eager to explore the world and experience other cultures.

When you complete your studies in an international program you will be qualified for jobs in the United States and many other countries. Keep in mind that while a US degree will most likely increase your chances of getting noticed by an international company, getting hired for a job abroad will depend on work visas and permits.

US-Education-system-alt-34. Academic flexibility: Undergraduate students are encouraged to explore a variety of subjects according to their preferences.

The US education system is designed to be very student friendly and offers numerous choices according to students’ needs and interests.

US-Education-system-alt-55. Critical thinking is enhanced: Students are not expected to repeat and memorize what the teacher says, but rather to develop their own ideas and discuss them, using the knowledge acquired in class to debate.

There is also a strong focus on small academic discussion groups, which develop your confidence to articulate your own views, challenging preconceptions and communicating clearly and persuasively.

It’s a huge step to take, but obtaining an education in the American education system will definitely give you an advantage over the majority of your competitors in the job market.

US-Education-system-alt-66. Work in the US:  Lastly, obtaining an education in the American system will offer you a great opportunity to work in the United States, the favorite destination for Peruvian students, after Spain, as revealed by a research study conducted by Universia Peru among more than four thousand university students in the country.

Having a bachelor's degree from an American university will also improve your employability in countries such as England. If you want to know more about this opportunity to earn an international bachelor’s degree in Peru, follow this link.

US-Education-system-alt-1Let’s explore how to obtain an international bachelor’s degree in Peru. Just follow this link.

Now that you know more about the advantages provided by the American education system, take the next step by downloading the GO GLOBAL e-book, where you will learn more about the opportunities offered by a university program with international standards.

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