How to read (and Enjoy!) Poetry:

Students will learn how to appreciate a poem without getting hung-up on analysis.

Do you hate poetry? Most people say they do. But maybe, just maybe, you've been approaching it (or made to approach it) incorrectly. This workshop is not about analyzing poems, but experiencing them. Student will learn how to appreciate a poem without getting hung-up on analyysis. It is likely that after this workshop you might actually enjoy poetry (or just hate it a little less).


Excel for Businesses:

To start a simple college budget, show off in an interview or start your own business.

In this class, we will look at Excel tips and tricks that could come in happy if you're looking to keep track of college financee in the future, impress in a job interview or even if you're an entrepreneur about to start your own business. We will go through formulas, short cuts, macros, tablets and graphs.



Frequently asked questions

Will my courses be taught in English?
Yes. All courses are taught in English at the CGE.
Does the CGE offer scholarships?
Yes. Students in the top third percentile of their high school graduating class may be eligible for a scholarship covering up to 30% of tuition for the first semester. After the first semester, could be maintained based on merit and academic standing.
How many courses will I take?
Generally, CGE students take up to 5 courses per semester.
How many years does it take to earn a Bachelor's Degree at the CGE?
It takes up to 4 years to earn an American bachelor's degree at the CGE.
Do I need to be fluent in English?
Yes. You need strong reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, since all your classes at the CGE will be taught in English.