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What is CGE?

CGE stands for Center for Global Education. We offer international education programs to students interested in studying abroad and/or obtaining a global degree. We’ve partnered with some of the best universities and colleges in the U.S. to offer you the possibility to choose from several paths to achieve your global education goals.

Academic programs

Associate in Arts/Science

Broward College is a public institution located in Fort Lauderdale in Southern Florida. BC has a long history of international engagement, working with local partners to establish international programs all over the world.

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Broward College
Broward College is a public institution located in Fort Lauderdale in Southern Florida. BC has a long history of international engagement, working with local partners to establish international programs all over the world. It has 10 international centers where students can earn a two-year associate’s degree from an American college without leaving their home countries.

You can earn your Associate in Arts (AA) degree and transfer directly to one of our American partner universities to complete the last two years of your bachelor’s degree. You can also elect to transfer to a variety of public and private institutions across the country.

What is an associate’s degree?
In the simplest terms, an AA degree is the first two years of your bachelor’s degree. The courses you take for the AA degree are the same courses you would take during the first two years at a U.S. university. You will take general education classes, which include subjects such as mathematics, English, natural sciences, humanities, health, and social sciences. You will also take electives that build the foundation for your chosen major.

What does it mean to transfer?
You will start your American education through the Broward College Program at USIL and then finish your bachelor’s degree at a university in the United States. A “2+2” system means that students who earn credits at a community college can take their credits with them when they transfer to a four-year university. Broward College has agreements with universities in the state of Florida that ensure that BC credits will count towards your four-year degree program.
University of South Florida
USF is a Preeminent Research University located in the heart of Tampa Bay dedicated to empowering students to maximize their potential for lifelong success. USF is one of just 169 institutions worldwide recognized for excellence in overall business and accounting programs. Less than 10% of the estimated 10,000 business schools worldwide are accredited by this international organization. It is widely known for its research driven faculties, entrepreneurial focus and sports programs.

The USF College of Business was ranked #7 in the world for publications in the top two Management Information Systems (MIS) research journals: Information Systems Research (ISR) and Management Information Systems Quarterly (MISQ).The Princeton Review named USF one of the nation´s 50 best value public Universities. It was also considered among the top 50 Research University in the US (National Science Foundation). It ranks among the top 275 best colleges and universities in the world (Times Higher Education)

What are the requirements?


As a CGE student you must comply to the following:

  • You have successfully finish your high school education
  • You have strong english skills
  • You must take the ACCUPLACER exam, which will allow CGE to assess your academic skills in mathematics, reading and writing.

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Admission Process

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Office hours: Monday to Friday (08:00-1:00 and 2:00 to 6:00)

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Admission Process

Take the PERT

If you PASS  the exam, you will receive the CGE application form.
If you don't PASS, you can take the PERT preparation course.

Admission Process

Final interview

With the CGE Director
Do you want a complete assessment of your profile? Schedule an interview with our program director.

Admission Process

Welcome! You have been admitted to the CGE program

A representative of the USIL Admissions team will contact you and inform of all the documentation you will have to submit in order to be formally admitted to the university.


Admission Process

Your journey begins!


A CGE academic advisor will contact you to guide you through your academic plan.

Why CGE?


Good question. CGE is not a program for everyone. It requires its students to own strong english skills and most importantly a desire to thrive at the international level.

Here are some of the benefits that set us apart from other regular programs.

International degree
CGE grants valid American degrees from top universities across the U.S.
Cost efficient
Earn an international bachelor's degree. Having two academic degrees and one of them with international validity, is a great option for an undergraduate student.
Top notch staff
Our faculty is one of our biggest assets. You will learn from teachers certified by some of the best universities abroad.
English always
All your classes at the CGE will be taught in English. We teach our partners' courses exclusively in English, with the same books they use.

A quick guide for you

Download our ebook/visit our landing page and you will find tips and helpful resources for your new college life.
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Frequently asked questions

Will my courses be taught in english?
Yes. All courses are taught in English at the CGE.
Does the CGE offer scholarships?
Yes. Students in the top third percentile of their high school graduating class may be eligible for a scholarship covering up to 30% of tuition for the first semester. After the first semester, could be maintained based on merit and academic standing.
How many courses will I take?
Generally, CGE students take up to 5 courses per semester.
Do I need to be fluent in english?
Yes. You need strong reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, since all your classes at the CGE will be taught in English.
Does the CGE grant Peruvian or American degrees?
The CGE grants valid American degrees. Upon successful completion of the first two years of your studies, you will be awarded an Associate in Arts Degree from Broward College. When you have completed all four years, you will be awarded a bachelor degree in your major from the university you have chosen.