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5 apps to help you organize your weeks better

When you’re studying in college your daily life will go about having many things to do week by week, and adding chores such as do laundry and by groceries it can drive you crazy if you don’t know how to organize yourself. But thank God for technology! Because these apps will make your life so much easier.

Let’s come clean, agendas or calendars are not very helpful if you’re the kind of person who needs a constant reminder to get things done. And when we’re talking about college you’ll definitely have tons of papers, essays, presentations and exams you’ll need accomplish every week. 

Luckily for you (and me, tbh)! There are apps that will constantly remind us of whatever we have to get done and when; as we always have our smartphone in our hands it’ll be impossible to pass them. These are some of the most useful: 


1. Google Calendar

Google has a series of apps created especially to administrate your days like a pro and be more efficient. Google Calendar is one of them: all you need is a Gmail account and a smartphone (duh) to download it and start taking advantage of a series of options made to help you remind all those appointments and due dates you CAN’T forget. 

You can say it’s like an improved Remembrall for muggles that will even help you find free spots for assignments or any personal challenge you’d like to take on every week. In other words, it’s a perfect choice to visually organize all your due dates and basically everything you can think of that requires time. 

2. TickTick : Tasks and calendar

This app on the other hand is meant for those who needs to create lists for each area of their life whether it’s college, work, shopping or anything you can think of. You’ll be able to gather all your responsibilities according to their priority and even assign each one a color to quickly identify what you need to need to do when you open the app’s calendar. 


3. Trello 

This one’s just AMAZING especially when you’re working on long term projects or in teams. Or with anything, really; truth is this app is extremely useful to get things done. It might be a little tricky to get used to on the beginning but when you get the hang of it you just won’t have enough of all its benefits. 

How does it work? You  create boards for each project or section of your life and then you start adding cards with the tasks you need to get done. You can customize the priority and whenever you accomplish a task it’ll disappear from your board so you can focus on the others. 

4. Habitica 

This one’s maybe the most creative app on the list. Why? It helps you get all your assignments done with the best videogame style. Yes, you read that right, it’s a game! It’s set in the medieval times and every time to finish a task you’ll move to a different level so the more productive you are the farthest you’ll get. 

But on the contrary, if you rather procrastinate and do nothing all day while watching Netflix you’ll lose point and your avatar might even die. Just think of some sort of Bandersnatch but in real life to help you stop wasting your time and finish all your stuff on time. Cool, huh?


5. Any.Do

If your level of procrastination reaches the point where you even need something to predict your responsibilities for you we’ve got the solution. It’s called Any.Do and it’ll suggest ideas for you to add to a personalized calendar, you can also add your own tasks or events to keep track of everything. 

If you have more than one phone or tablet it lets you easily sync all the information and also set notifications to help you remind everything at the exact time. No more excuses! 

The best of these apps? They’re all available both in the PlayStore and the AppStore so it doesn’t really matter whether you have and android or an iPhone. They’re also free so start picking your favorite and organize week by week all your activities so you can be successful in college. 


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