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Are you as responsible as you think?

Have you always considered yourself responsible? Well, there are to kind of people in this world: those who don’t consider themselves responsible but actually are 100% and those who’re not even closed. Do you want to know what kind are you? Keep reading!

But what does it really mean being responsible? We constantly listen to our parents and professors talking about how important this quality is, besides how advantageous it can be. In fact, in almost every American sitcom they make fun of irresponsible students and keep comparing them to honor students ( if not, take a look to the new Netflix series Mr. Iglesias). 


Being responsible means to accomplish all our obligations PROMPTLY (not in a month, not a few week later), making the right decisions every time and being able to answer for our acts. A responsible person is well aware of the world surrounding them and has made their goals clear. 

You’re probably thinking: yeah, great but how do I really know if I’m responsible or not? Patience, my little padawan! Let’s get it started: 

Are you honest?

A responsible person is, before all else, honest. With themselves and with others; we mean that every time you commit to doing a project or a team work your actually carry it out till the end and don’t let them hanging. And it doesn’t only apply to other people, you need to be honest with yourself: when you propose to do something or set a goal, ¡accomplish it! Don’t leave it halfway and take the time to realize where are you failing. When you start doing so, you’ll become a more responsible person. 

Are you the owner of your life? 

When you’re responsible you pretty much own your life. I mean, you’re a full functioning adult who works for his future and don’t depend entirely from his parents to make decisions. This apply to assuming expenses, paying debts and basically keeping yourself alive (believe it or not, not everyone is capable of making it). 


But that’s not it, when you’re responsible you also recognize your rights and duties as a member of society; you know how to comply them and you do. On the other hand, an irresponsible person is afraid of commitment and will avoid at all cost taking charge of anything that forces them to get out of their comfort zone. 

Are you disciplined? 

Have you heard about discipline? Well, further than helping you form as a professional it also forces you to be more responsible. A disciplined person don’t struggle with accomplishing their responsibilities no matter the circumstances and, of course, keeping their reputation clean (which, if you want to be successful whether it is at school or work you need to take care of). 

Being disciplined will help you in a lot of things in your life: from don’t missing a thing of your routine to administrating responsibly your money and well, life. When you fit this profile, you’re definitely closer from responsibility. 

How often do you search for excuses? 

I’ve got news for you: if you’re the kind of people who’s always looking for excuses to justify your lack of productivity (yes, small things do matter) you’re not as responsible as you might think you are. As we’ve said before, the thing here being able to fulfil all your personal and job commitments without excusing yourself or affecting other people. 


Attention! This also applies to those who claim to be responsible and, despite the fact that they end up completing stuff (eventually), they keep postponing it along the way and excuse themselves with a thousands reasons (believe me, I’ve been there). If you do want to be responsible you have to commit to the cause and invest all your effort to make it.  

Do you solve all your problems? 

Have you taken the time to think about your reaction every time you’re facing a problem? Maybe you’re the trouble maker and haven’t realized just yet. Whatever the motive is, a responsible person knows how to solve their problems every time as long as it doesn’t stop them from getting their commitments done and improve what’s already working to make it better. 

As you may have noticed, being responsible is a lot more complex that it may seem like and require a lot of qualities. And you answered wrong all these questions, don’t worry! Real life doesn’t have to be an American sitcom and you can learn from your mistakes and get better. 

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