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Answer these questions to find out which bachelor suits you better

You’ve come to one of the most important moments of your life: you have to start your higher education. And the problem here is not starting this new phase of your life but answer the million dollar question: what are you going to study? This quiz will definitely help you make that decision and find the perfect bachelor for you.  

This might be the hardest decision to make, as much as when Jon Snow had to decide between being loyal to Dany or stab her with a knife f he could make a wise decision, so can you! The important thing here is getting to know yourself enough to answer the next questions:




Do you really know yourself?

Before picking up a bachelor you HAVE to know yourself. And we’re not only talking about what you like, you must be in touch with your interests, your passions and especially recognizing your abilities and talents. That’s the only way to choose the career that suits you and not the one you like.

When you start a self-discovery process to identify what you’re good at and where you can improve, you can start dismissing options that definitely won’t work. For example, if you need to use a calculator to know how many change you’re owed every time you go to the store, we wouldn’t recommend studying engineering or anything like it.

But hey, this doesn’t necessary means you should toss away all those professions to which you consider you don’t have what it takes to succeed. Keep your mind open to possibilities while being realistic! There are many new things you can learn on the way and it’s more likely you have some hidden abilities that’ll show up in the way (and if not, just see how Sansa became Queen in the North).  




Have you thought on the long term?

Once you put your finger in those abilities and talents and have created a list with the professions you can apply to it’s time to think about the future. Can you see yourself working in that area for the rest of your life? Keep in mind that many careers offer a broad field where you can specialize in, so you’ll be able to evaluate which alternatives you like the best.

Even though enjoying what you do is fundamental to become a successful professional, you should also be aware of the demand the bachelor you’re interested in has. So, do some research about salaries, vacancies and work places.

Now, it’s true you’re not forced to work in that particular profession for your entire life and you can even change your career later in life and study something else but the truth is you need to find something that’ll make you happy. Passion is a scarce value these days and you can make the difference. Believe me, you’ll stand out.

What about pros and cons?

If after answering to all these questions you’re still feeling undecided about which bachelor you should choose it’s time to find all the pros and cons of all your alternatives. Let’s be real, none of them will be perfect but you must be honest with yourself about which cons can you deal with and which are a huge no for you.

You can take into consideration that a Bachelor of Arts can be more flexible and broad when it comes to picking an specialization and will also help you try different areas to find what you’re truly passionate about. While a Bachelor of Science is much more specific and rigid when it comes to courses. Consider all your possibilities: in case you want to change specialization, what are the requirements? Costs? And any other related information.

answer-these-questions-to-find-out-which-bachelor-suits-you-betterHave you done your research?

This might actually be the determinant question you need to answer. Why? It’s useless to research about a bunch of careers and options if you haven’t taken into consideration your economical possibilities or the teaching methods of the universities you could assist.  

You might find the perfect university in terms of prices but when you search their curricula you’ll find out it has nothing to do with what you really want to do with your life. Or, on the other hand you find all the courses amazing but the tuition might be extremely high.

And if you’ve still having second thoughts after answering these questions, you can take the Thoughtco’s test to find your ideal bachelor or you can get in touch with a member of our Center for Global Education staff for more information about the requirements. Start living a unique international experience!


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