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Find out how to stay motivated in college

When you’re studying in college, surrounded by tons of stressing and challenging factors, it’s normal to think about giving up and totally feeling demotivated. But don’t despair! There are a few tips and tricks to help you genuinely enjoy your experience and not die trying. For real.

First of all, there is no such thing as a secret recipe or magic trick to stay motivated during your path through college. Each person is different and no one but yourself will know what keeps you going That being said there are a few advices that will indeed ease your daily life.

Keep in mind that the Voldemort of your career will be no other than procrastination, so the first thing you should do is delete it from your life so you can start putting more effort in other things. Believe me, once you start doing it you’ll see a huge difference. And the whole procrastination thing might sound like a cliché but it’s real and it forces many people to abandon their careers.  


Take your time

The amount of assignments, classes and tests can drive anyone mad to the point where you’ll feel like you can’t deal with it and even suffer from anxiety or getting sick out of pure stress. That’s why you need to know your limits, how much you can handle and the amount of time you need to get everything done without compromising your health.

Organization can be the key so you can start creating your own study plans with different schedules that match all your classes and your own rhythm. TIP! Don’t be an overachiever. Being too ambitious and setting unrealistic goals will have you feeling even more stressed when you fall behind and you won’t get half the things done.

Make it fun!

Yes, we know. It sounds repetitive and impossible to make it happen when we’re talking about studying. BUT believe it or not there are a lot of small details you can take into consideration to enjoy your assignments: from listening to your favorite music, to changing the place where you usually write your papers. It can make wonders to your mood and productivity.

When you least expect it, you’ll finished all your work without suffering in the process. While you get used to adding these little changes you’ll notice how your routines become funnier and less of a bummer and eventually stop comparing studying with something boring or bad.

find-out-how-to-stay-motivated-in-collegeGet some sleep

To successfully fulfil all the exigencies of college you’ll need energy. How can you boost your energy  besides drinking a lot of coffee and energy drinks? Sleeping and eating the way you should. So if you’re thinking about sleeping late,pulling a lot of all nighters, finishing a project or just watching Netflix, forget it. You’ll feel literally destroyed the next day and won’t understand a thing of your classes.

And hey, sleeping 4 hours a day won’t do the trick. You’ll need at least 6 hours to feel well rested, eat 3 meals a day and drink no less than 2 liters of water so you can keep your body healthy and energized. You’ll learn things faster and understanding your classes will be a lot more easier.

Hang out with the right people

The kind of people you surround yourself with will also determine the way you face your routine. Think about Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls, when she used to hang out with Regina George. Things didn’t go so well, actually she was always dealing with a lot of troubles. So, find a group of people who motivates you, help you fix whatever problem you may face and have a positive approach to studying.  

You can also find these kind of persons within your family, childhood friends and even in some professors. So don’t limit yourself to only find support on your classmates as they might be having the same issues as you.


It’s more likely that you’ll feel overwhelmed on your first semesters and won’t know how to deal with the stress or the academic load but this doesn’t mean you have to give up or resign to suffer throughout your career. Your path through college must be rewarding and fun with its ups and downs, you just need to prepare for every challenge and do it with optimism.


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