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Movies and series to understand the politics of the US

Understanding American politics can be complicated. It’s a lot different from what we’re used to in Latin America and if you’re thinking about living the American Dream, you must understand how the country works and people who run it. But do not worry! You won’t have to take out your history books or read boring essays on the internet. Everything you need is right in Netflix.

Are you the kind of person who spends all afternoon at home watching Netflix? You binge watch all your series so Netflix has to ask you if you’re still there? Well, it can now work on your advantage to learn a bit more about the political scenery of the United States and its history. These are some of the movies and series you definitely need to add to your list (and no, they’re not boring I swear): 

House of Cards 

If you still haven’t seen it, what are you waiting for? This Kevin Spacey show reveals the most absurd moves of the American politics and how Frank Underwood drove his way to the top of the country’s presidency. The most attractive thing about the show is how it portraits topics such as manipulation, power and how dirty can politics get when personal interests get in the way. 


It was inspired by the BBC’s British mini-series of the same name premiered on 1990 and has won an Emmy for best script. It has 6 seasons aired on Netflix, from which to be honest, the firsts are the best due to the whole drama involving Kevin Spacey with crimes of sexual assault. Anyway, when it comes to understanding US politics House of Cards is definitely the best sample. 

Trump: An american dream 

This a 4 episode documentary mini-series telling the story of Donald Trump and how, against all odds, he achieved what he calls the American Dream of becoming the current president of the US. The highlight of this production is how the story’s narrated through the testimony of friends and enemies regarding Trump’s ascension to power. 

Truth is this character has given lots to talk about from his presidential campaign to the measures and statements he has given as President, so this is your chance to know the truth behind one of the most recurring memes of the American culture right now. 


Bobby Kennedy for President

The Kennedys are extremely known in the United States and the world due to how dramatic their history was in politics. This is another mini-series that portrays the trajectory of senator Robert Kennedy in the 60s from his presidential campaign to his assassination in 1968. 

Throughout its 4 episodes you’ll find archive material, conversations with his brothers John F. Kennedy (yes, that president) and Ted Kennedy besides interviews to those who took part of his inner social circle. 

Designated survivor

If you’re looking for a show that mixes fiction with reality, Designated Survivor is perfect for you. It basically creates a scenario where an irrelevant functionary becomes the president of the United States after an unexpected attack took the life of all the members of the cabinet except his. 



This movie tells the story of Dick Cheney who became the most powerful man in the world when he was named vice president of George W. Bush. Cheney was propellant of the war of Iraq and had great influence in the decisions of the president. 

Directed by Adam McKay and starring Christian Bale, Steve Carrell and Amy Adams this movie breaks all the stereotypes of a traditional biopic and find a way to tell the history through elements of comedy that shows a different face of one of the most important characters of contemporary history of the US. 


Who said you couldn’t learn from films and tv? With these series you’ll understand perfectly hoy the north American political system works and who are the most influential characters according to history to the present day so prepare to binge watch and chill. 


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