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This is the average day of a college student in the US

There are many stories, experiences and comments about how the daily life of a college student in the US is, especially in the movies. And if you’re considering studying abroad it’s important you know everything you can about class distribution, schedules and spare time to figure out if you’re ready to take the chance.

So, how’s the real routine of a college student? Most of Hollywood films portrait life in campus like this amazing experience where students usually live in dorms inside the university with fraternities and parties 24/7. Reality might be a bit different…

Compared to high school a day in college is a lot less structured and you won’t necessarily have the same schedule and amount of classes every day. In fact, you make your own timetable and classes according to the professor’s offering: you might have only a single class one day and the next have four in a row.

In order to better understand it let’s take a look to an average week on campus for Emma, a South Florida University student:

Every Wednesday, Emma has her first class at 9 a.m. so she has to be ready around 8:50 a.m. to be on time. After that, she has some spare time until 11 a.m. enough time to eat breakfast and get some work done.

Emma’s second class finishes at noon and, yet again she has free time until 3:30 p.m. so she can have lunch with friends or work on pending assignments. Her day it’s done around 5 p.m. and she usually eats dinner with friends to later go back to her dorm and do more work or watch some Netflix.

this-is-the-average-day-of-a-college-student-in-the-us-1Every time she has free time she tries to go to the library to work on her projects more comfortably or takes her clothes to the laundry on days where it’s less crowded. On weekends she rather split her time between studying for class and spend some quality time with her friends to release some stress; always trying to sleep as many hours as she needs just so she won’t be too tired during the week.

It sounds like a really chill week, right? Thing is, the main problem with college can be when you have too much spare time, why? Because you underestimate all the things you have to get done and just take it lightly and believe me, you’ll regret it later.

Key to success here is to find balance between getting your assignments done, go to class and have a great time with your friends.

Campus life

Emma, for example lives in the college campus so it doesn’t take her long to get to class but this isn’t everybody’s case. When you live outside your university make sure to foresee the time you need to arrive on time and include it in your everyday planning according to your schedule.

On the other hand, while it is true movies exaggerate what college life look like it doesn’t mean there aren’t any events with only goal of releasing tensions and having fun. In fact most universities have movie nights, fairs or presentations for students only.

To keep it short, the most important thing of your college life goes about organizing all your responsibilities while taking care of your health. For example, you can make your own study schedules so you can get all your projects done in time, set specific days to do laundry and buy food, make the effort to sleep at least 7 hours every night, eat 3 meals a day and make sure to go to all your classes. It might sound a bit hard but it’s a lot easier than it sounds.





Even though college life is not as crazy and wild as movies portrait it doesn’t mean it have to be a bad experience, on the contrary, you have to make the most out of it and enjoy every single second. Once you find out all the tricks to make your life easier day by day it’ll be so much better and you’ll become the professional you’ve always wanted to be.

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