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Your future might seem frightening, but asking the right questions is the key to making good decisions now that will impact your life later on. We are offering you all of our contact channels in order to help you solve any doubts and inquiries you may have about our international careers. Do you have personal or specific questions about studying at CGE? Have a one on one talk with our Program Director. It's the most simple, straightforward and insightful way to get all the information you need about our international programs.

Start your career in Peru and finish it in the U.S.A., Canada, Australia or United Kingdom.

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“Right now, I’m doing an internship in a manufacturing company. If you are somebody who is looking for a bachelor’s degree from an American university, then the CGE program it the best option for you. CGE USIL gives you the opportunity to earn an American degree here in Lima, so you aren’t going to leave your friends or your family.”
- Jorge Flavio Sarmiento -