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4 tips to help you speak with your parents about studying abroad

“What should I do now?” “What’s the next step for my professional career?” We’ve all been through this situation and have answered the same questions. It helped us become the professionals we are today.

Choosing a career is not easy: you need to know yourself enough to make the right decision to align our likes and interests with our aptitudes. You have to be completely honest about what you’re good at, what motivates you to be better and how can you give something back to the world with your talent.

With no doubt it’s one of the hardest decisions we have to make in our life. Why? You’re not only deciding for the next 5 years: it’s what you’ll do for the rest of your life. Think about the 30-40 years after you graduate, you’ll be part of the economically active population of the world and you’re supposed to exercise your career that long. And it’s even harder when our decision will relocate us away from our family and the people we love for a few years.


Leaving your home it’s not easy but it’s time to weight all the advantages of studying abroad and how it’ll improve your future. So, maybe you’ve come to the decision to study abroad, far from your family and you might be asking yourself “how do I tell my parents about my decision?”

Here are a few tips to talk about it:

1. Have a clear vision and a goal:

Parents feel sure if their kids do. So make sure you know what you want and all the steps you need to take to achieve your goal. You must let them know you’re serious about your decision.

2. Show them a cost – benefit relation of studying abroad:

Analyze all the reasons why is it the best option for your professional future and, if possible, check what are the pros of studying in a different country compared to your own.


3. Don’t make them feel guilty:

Letting a child go is really hard for any parent and they usually feel uncertain when it comes to their kids being on their own on the way to become a professional. They have to know and feel that if you go away it’s not because of them but because of your future. Their tranquility is part of your responsibility.

4. Think about all the details:

Know where you’d live, plan your food budget and how much your whole day to day will cost. Don’t be afraid to give your parents the trust to make the decision with you, let them know you’re prepared for everything.


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