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Do you have an IB diploma? You should study abroad!

Studying an International Baccalaureate better known as International Bachelor or just IB is all about developing intellectual, personal, emotional and social abilities to help its students achieve multiple goals.  if they choose to continue their education abroad. It’s also the most renowned program around the world, one that has successfully standardized education in all of its school partners. If a school has an IB program in Peru, that means their students are learning with the same methodology as their peers ir Sweden or even Thailand.

That’s why an IB diploma gives you and edge if you want to study abroad. However, what does it really mean to be part of this program? On the first place, it was created in the 60s in Geneva and it’s a 2 year course that requires students to take  a series of official exams in order to achieve a title that will be valid worldwide. As you may have pictured, this is a highly demanding program destined to students between 16 and 18 years old with an advanced English knowledge and the intention of finishing their education abroad.

1. Develop an international mindset  

When you study in the IB program, your education will always focus on  international matters working through different cultural perspectives and the learning of a new language. Among other things it’ll help you develop your own autonomy, maturity and a sense of responsibility that will surely ease your way through college.

When it comes to higher education, when you make the decision to study your career in a country such as the United States you must be prepared to face a completely different lifestyle where culture and language can become an impediment if you’re not ready. So, if you’ve studied in an IB program this step will be a piece of cake for you.

do-you-have-an-ib-you-should-study-abroad-12. Higher chances of being accepted in college 

An International Bachelor has prestige and validity around the world. Actually, according to a study made in the United Kingdom, those who have this diploma have higher chances of being accepted in the 20 universities in the world, compared to those doesn’t.

But that’s not all; once you get accepted into college you have the alternative to validate a few courses you’ve passed successfully in your IB program so your academic charge will be a lot lighter and you’ll be able to focus in your new college routine.

3. Take advantage of your time

One of the main problems college students face is the lack of planning. They must assist to every class, fulfill their assignments, study and still have a social life; To achieve all of that successfully is complicated and requires a lot of planning and discipline.

Throughout your IB program you’ll learn organization techniques that will help you quite a lot in your path through college; you’ll have a lot more discipline and will know exactly what to do to make the most of your time to achieve all your goals.

The IB diploma challenges its students constantly. You may need to write three essays that are due the same week. Sometimes it will drain you, but the constant work and endless study, will most likely train you to be a more capable student in college.

do-you-have-an-ib-you-should-study-abroad-24. Stimulate your critical thinking

As an International Bachelor student you’ll work continuously to build oral and written expression abilities; besides learning to structure your ideas correctly and transmit them clearly. Abilities such as research, communication and cognitive will also be a main topic in your program.

If you choose to study a college career abroad you’ll understand all the basic fundaments of any of the Bachelor you choose (arts or science); which will motivate you to ask question and have a positive attitude towards learning and education.

5. Higher demands

When you’re studying in a university abroad, exigency won’t be the same. Some colleges are more demanding than others,especially if you’ve been admitted in an ivy league school or a top ranked school in the  in the world . An IB diploma will help take those challenges with ease.; why? The educational standards of this program are pretty high and require an arduous preparation to successfully pass its exams.

do-you-have-an-ib-you-should-study-abroad-3If you’re already used to superior academic requirements and exigency, adapting to the standards of international universities will be quite easy for you and, later, answering the needs of a competitive working market.

Remember, if you have this bachelor don’t waste it! Study abroad and get ready to become a brilliant professional who has no fear of facing new challenges and stand out everywhere he goes.

And if you’re willing to study abroad in the best universities of the world but aren’t sure where to start in CGE we offer different programs to help you get an international diploma without living Peru if you don’t want to. We guarantee a high quality education worthy of the bests!


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