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Learn English ASAP! 5 apps to help you improve your skills

Learning a new language can sure be a tough task, especially when you’re intending to study abroad. However, there are a lot of options you can take advantage of to help you improve; and one of the most practical is at the palm of your hands: smartphone apps. If you have no idea how to find them, we’ll talk about five you HAVE to try.

We all have a Smartphone in which we spend most of our time, right? So, why not use it for something more productive? There are thousands of resources on the internet that can sure help you improve your education and more specifically learn new languages.

In fact, most of the quality content you find online is in English and learning the language can help you more than you think not only in school but also in your daily life.

But, what happens if you’re not too good or don’t have enough time to take a class? Or maybe you’re taking English classes but need something extra to help you practice in your spare time. Well, we’ve found a solution! Pay attention to the next apps and have fun:

1. FluentU

This app is available in both the Google PlayStore and the Apple AppStore and it’s free. FluentU is actually an incredible alternative if you want to learn English the non-conventional way because it uses real videos such as news, commercials and even music videos and turns them into lessons.

Unlike other apps, FluentU teaches the English language in a more much natural way, just like you would hear if you visit the US. You’ll find a broad variety of popular shows, interviews and commercials and the app lets you choose whatever you like the most.


It also offers many interactive options in which you can learn vocabulary, verbs and examples that will be tested through different exams you have to take to finish the lessons.

The most incredible thing about this app is how it pesonalizes your experience based in what you use and search, recommending different videos and lessons that will meet your taste. FluentU is perfect for those who would rather learn using visual resources and are willing to find a more fun alternative.

2. Memrise

Memrise is a free app designed specifically  to learn the meaning of different English words using fun and creative experiences that will definitely stick in your brain and help you memorize everything you need.

The most attractive thing about this app is that all its lessons have been created by other users, giving you the chance to be part of other people’s learning experiences and compare different points of view.

It has more than 13 pages of courses that go from beginner’s levels like irregular verbs to “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens. So, if you usually have trouble learning new words or just want to expand your English vocabulary, Memrise might be the best option for you.

3. Duolingo

Who hasn`t heard about this famous app? Especially with all the memes and jokes all over the internet regarding its peculiar notification system. What’s true about Duolingo is that it has been designed in order to teach English quickly and so you’ll only need 20 minutes a day to study.

You’ll learn about 7 new words per lesson related with specific topics such as education, travels, science, etc. At the end of each one you must complete a series of questions to help you memorize and understand the new information.

learn-english-asap-5-apps-to-help-you-improve-2And if you tend to forget words, don’t worry! Every few weeks the app will create review exercises so you can remember all the hard words and know how to use them when building new sentences. Duolingo also sends you notifications every now and then so you don’t forget to practice your lessons. No more excuses!

4. Voxy

If you’re looking for something more advanced, Voxy is the ideal fit for you. It’s specifically made for those people preparing to certify their English, travel abroad or work with English speaking clients. So if you’re thinking about studying abroad this might help you.

This app adapts to the needs of its users through their native tutors and exercises to help improve their fluency and pronunciation in the shortest amount of time.

You’ll find new content everyday based on relevant contexts, audios from real life situation, lessons based on your favorite music and even posts from the most popular English speaking media. You can also access Voxy not only from your smartphone but also from your computer.  

5. Beelingo

In this app you’ll find a wide variety of content such as audios, dictionaries, interactive games, grammar and pronunciation lessons, etc. You can even find books such as Les Misérables, Pride and Prejudice, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and much more.

The main goal of Beeling is to ease the learning process of the English language through different tools and resources in its platform for all tastes and ages. If you’re looking a much more complete and varied app for your learning this is your best choice.


Whatever app you choose, keep in mind that watching movies, reading and listening to music in English will always be a great alternative to improve your pronunciation and train your ear. The important thing here is to find the motivation you need to start working towards your goals.


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