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These are the challenges and the advantages of studying a career in English

Studying a career in another language it’s not just about changing a chip inside your head: you need to change the perception you have about reality, learn about different grammatical structures, new meanings and finding feelings you didn’t even know before.

Also, using a different language changes our thinking and understanding patterns and allows us to reread reality. You’d become a much more empathic person with a different attitude when it comes to people and situations.

Understanding new languages can also open many doors and opportunities for us but it also make us more human, bring us closer to people and know more about different cultures, which will make you a better person with a much more clear vision about the world we live in.

Thinking and language

According to the theory of language psychology from Chomsky to Piaget, our language and thinking are closely related through the cognitive process. Can you even imagine how your way of thinking can change just with switching your use of language?

Even though we still don’t know who came first whether if is language or thinking, a change in any of them will definitely influence in each other and how we interpret the stimulus in our brain.

A new code (or language) will introduce new forms and ways to perceive stimulus, as understanding other people, the way we handle situations and, of course, how we relate to others. It’s also an opportunity to do a double check with our own prejudices and believes in certain situations.


Studying in a different language can work as a companion throughout this process of knowledge and self-discovering. Besides you’ll also face new and exciting challenges to develop your abilities. But do you know how you can benefit yourself when studying in a different language? Check this:

- Perfecting a new language: in the beginning might seem a bit hard to adapt to changes but with time you’ll assume naturally a second language. Believe me; it’s easier than it looks like.

- Finding new ways to learn: adapting is key to your learning process so you’ll have to find creative ways to learn new words and any technical language you’ll use in your profession. You can try finding some apps, watching a movie, joining clubs, listening to music…

- Live English daily: if you really want to learn a second language you have to use it EVERYWHERE, not only in class. Remember: the readings, your classmates and pretty much everything around you will speak English. Embrace it!


- A different approach: think about this, if you start studying realities of different countries you’ll find yourself thinking about your very own reality. You’ll start changing paradigms, finding solutions you didn’t see before and solving problems will be so much easier once you find new words and points of view from the English language.

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