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Why is English so important in education?

Studying a new language bring us so much closer to other countries’ cultures: their thinking, their language and evolution trough history. Can you imagine how many English speaking countries can you visit without problems only by knowing their language? With how many people could you speak or even ask for help on your own?


Since the time of the English colonialism and the North American economic hegemonic in the world, this language became an essential part of the commercial activities. The English language has been spoken from centuries pretty much around the globe and today is the most used language for negotiation of products and services.

It’s also the official language of 57 countries in the whole world, same as in international organizations such as the United Nations or the European Union. English has become the standard and the nexus that keeps this huge societies working in an organic way.

How would it be if mediatory languages didn’t exist in the world that help us make agreements? How many misunderstandings could we have if there wasn’t a way to communicate to rest of the world in one universal tongue? All these problems can be avoided with one solution: the knowledge of the English language.


We understand that using English it’s important not only for business but also to talk to other people and even get out of trouble but have you asked yourself how does the knowledge of this language can influence the way you take classes? Learn a few reasons why should consider it:

- It allows you to Access more information online: according to over 50% of the internet content is written in English. Can you picture how much information are you losing when you search for it in Spanish? Here’s a hint: A LOT.

- You can search for scholarships in different countries: you’ll find an endless world of opportunities thanks to your English knowledge. You’ll pretty much double your chances to become an outstanding professional with these options.

- Get to know new cultures: when you speak English it may be easier for you to travel. Funny enough, most of the world have adapted their tourism signs to English and it’s the most common language you’ll find abroad to communicate, no matter where you are.


- You’ll find the job of your dreams: yes, speaking English can make the difference when applying to a new job. Why limit yourself working in one country when you can show the world your talent?

So now you know! Studying English shouldn’t be left out of your college curricula. Find the best study plans for you here and discover a whole new world of possibilities. Improve your talent in the best universities of the world and make sure you use the English language for it.



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